Autumn 2014 Jennifer, Stefano, Michele and Arun moved to Walden starting a new chapter in Walden´s history which lasts from 1983, date of the arrival of Dario and Dagmar.

Walden is a located in the nature, in the Umbrian hills, where countryside becomes part of the life of whom lives here and of whom visit the place.

A place where you can breath, play and listen, to yourself, to others and to the nature.

Jennifer, Dagmar´s and Dario´s daughter, was born and grew up in Walden. She studies naturopathy and photography.
She manages the place and welcomes the guests...with her son David.




Stefano came from Florence with Jennie and David. He studied agriculture and in Walden he takes care of the agricolture and of the animals.




Michele was born in Tuscany, he came to Walden from Berlin. He is the Chef of Waldens Kitchen.




Arun, long time friend of the family. She is ethnologist, and also came from Berlin with their daughter Gaia. She runs Waldens kitchen together with Michele.